Donor Services 

Our development team will work with you to discuss your goals and help explore the best giving vehicle for your situation. We are available to consult and define both your short- and long-term philanthropic goals and to guide you toward new opportunities to have the greatest impact.

We often work with families to develop gift opportunities and plans that allow you to make decisions today and engage your family in the joy of giving in the decades ahead.

The Quad Cities Community Foundation is committed to safeguarding your public information, ensuring privacy and anonymity when you desire it. 

Ways to give

The Quad Cities Community Foundation partners with donors on a variety of gift types, including:

  • IRAs or 401(k) plans

  • life insurance

  • charitable annuities

  • estate gifts

  • charitable remainder trusts

  • private foundation conversions

  • cash

  • stock

  • real estate

  • closely held corporations

  • tangible personal property

  • grain

Anne Calder works with people like you to discuss your goals and help discover the best giving vehicle for your situation. Call her at (563) 326-2840 to get started.


Charitable giving can do more than make a difference—it has the power to transform our community, the world and even ourselves. But when the world is your oyster it is sometimes hard to know how to best put gifts to work and how to assess results. That's where the Community Foundation's Guided Giving program can help. Fees for Guided Giving are based on the individual gift situation. We work with individuals, couples, families and organizations to help you:

•     Think through and identify your philanthropic values and mission

•     Bring into focus the issues and opportunities you want to address

•     Learn about your community and assess charitable organizations and causes

•     Discover principles and best practices of effective grantmaking

•     Assess results and prepare for your next philanthropic goals

Investment strategy and administration

Our investment strategy holds long term objectives to preserve the real value of current assets and future gifts for the long term benefit of our community.

Through economies of scale, the Community Foundation is able to charge minimal fees compared to the costs of establishing and maintaining a private foundation or administering and investing funds as an individual. Administrative fees are based on the services offered for each type of fund and investment management fees are netted out of the long-term growth portfolio’s rate-of-return.