Looser-Flake Foundation Cultural Grants

  • maximum awarded per application: The total grant pool available is up to $100,000. The minimum possible grant request is $1,000. The maximum possible grant is $50,000.

  • contact: Kelly Thompson

  • opens: June 1

  • deadline: October 1

  • notification: Early-November


The Looser-Flake Foundation Cultural Grants Program supports cultural opportunities for Mercer County residents by funding programs and projects of arts, cultural, and historical organizations serving Mercer County. Learn more about the Looser-Flake Foundation here.

Application Process

  • Applications are submitted via the Quad Cities Community Foundation's online grant system. If it is your first visit to the system, you will be asked to create a new account. For assistance, visit Grantseeker Resources or email info@looserflakefoundation.org.

  • All grant decisions are made by the trustees of the Looser-Flake Foundation.

  • Information gathered will include:

  • Applications will be submitted via the online application system of the Quad Cities Community Foundation. Information gathered will include:

    • Eligibility documentation

    • Organization description

    • Organization financials

    • Organization board list

    • Supplemental material on organization (optional – max 2 pages)

    • Program/Project Description

    • Program/Project plan and timeline

    • Numbers served and type of service provided

    • Goals for benefit to Mercer County and its residents

    • Program/Project budget (including other sources of income)

    • Program/Project bids or estimates (if relevant)

    • Sustainability: how will program/project continue post-grant?

    • Letter of support: demonstrate collaboration and community support (optional – max 2 pages)


  • Applicants must be charitable organizations with 501c3 status, units of government (170(b)(1)(A)(v)), or schools (170(b)(1)(A)(ii)). Charitable organizations without 501c3 status may apply using a fiscal sponsor that does meet the above requirement.

  • Applicants may be located in or out of Mercer County; applicants located in Mercer County or led by residents of Mercer County, as well as those serving Mercer County residents are encouraged to apply.

  • All programs/projects must provide arts, cultural, or historical experiences for Mercer County residents and must be able to be completed within one year.

  • All programs/projects must take place in Mercer County or if located outside of the county, must specifically target Mercer County residents to access programs/projects.


  • Reach and Engagement: The number and proportion of Mercer County residents served by the program/project and how deeply they are engaged in the program/project. Ongoing efforts will be prioritized over one-time efforts. Grant decisions will take into consideration location and service areas of all funded projects to attempt the broadest coverage of all areas of Mercer County.

  • Goals: The application demonstrates how program/project will achieve goals to provide benefit to Mercer County and its residents. Successful applicants will demonstrate their program or project’s relevance to the broader success of Mercer County and its residents, including the aims of the Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation and other goals identified by Mercer County residents.

  • Program/Project Plan: The plans are clear and achievable, and address sustainability.

  • Leverage: The program/project engages and utilizes other resources such as funding sources, in-kind donations, volunteers, and community partnerships. Cash match is not required, but if possible applicants are encouraged to demonstrate that at least 25% of the total grant request amount is matched by other sources of cash funding.

  • Collaboration: The application demonstrates collaboration with other groups or organizations in Mercer County, or outside of Mercer County as appropriate. Applicants will be given the chance to submit optional letters of support help to demonstrate this criteria.

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We’re here to help you to be as successful as you can with your grant application. To discuss if your project is the right fit, contact:

Kelly Thompson / email
Call (563) 326-2840

Final Reports

Grant recipients are required to complete an online report describing the use of the funds after the project/program is completed or within one year of the award. Future grant applications will not be considered until a report is submitted for past grants.

Reports on all funded projects will be due no later than one year after the award is issued.

Click here to log in and complete a final report for an Looser-Flake Foundation grant.