Simple Steps to Give 

We can’t put this any other way: It is easy to give through the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

Every single day, we work with people like you to nurture and steward lasting gifts from donors, for our community. And donors choose to participate in generosity through the Community Foundation because we provide highly personalized services tailored to the causes you choose to give to, and the financial benefits you wish to receive.

Interested in making a gift or starting a fund? Consider these things, and then give our development team a call at (563) 326-2840 to talk about your options.

  1. Ask yourself what impact you want your giving to have. We will help you gift to the causes you care about and allow you—and your family—to play an active role in your giving. You can focus on a specific issue, particular nonprofits or even a whole community to support.

  2. Decide when you want to give. You can give right now (yes, right now!), plan a gift that will take effect after your lifetime, or do both. There are tax benefits for each timeline.

  3. Choose the type of gift that works best for you. Some gifts can provide special tax benefits and even generate income to you as a donor. Whether you start a fund of your own or contribute to an existing fund set up by a nonprofit, organization, family or individual, we will help you learn about all your gift options.

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