Types of Funds

There’s a variety of ways to give through the Quad Cities Community Foundation, from the ever popular donor advised fund to an endowed field of interest fund that allows you to have a permanent impact on a cause you care deeply about.

The Community Foundation stewards nearly 1,000 funds, including close to 200 funds established by our region’s nonprofits. We invite you to look up your favorite nonprofits through our donation page to make a direct donation to the causes you care about. You can also establish a fund of your own to accomplish the goals you have for your generosity. We’ve condensed our types of funds for you below. But the best way to find the giving option best suited to you is to talk to us. Give Anne Calder, vice president of development, a call at (563) 326-2840 to schedule time to discover the ways you can ensure generosity always lives in the Quad Cities.

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Designated endowment fund

You can provide support to your favorite charitable organizations in perpetuity—and leave a lasting legacy to sustain your favorite nonprofits. Should an organization you’ve designated cease to exist, we will ensure that the funds are redirected to an organization meeting your charitable intent so that your generosity will continue to benefit the community in the way that you envisioned. You can name your fund to honor an individual, family, business or other entity to provide a lasting legacy.

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Endowed field of interest fund

Make a permanent impact in an area of need. Through our established field of interest funds, your gifts are combined with others to provide robust and flexible support for organizations meeting those needs, like animals and the environment; basic humans needs; children, youth and seniors; cities and neighborhoods; creative arts and culture; education; and health and wellness.

You may also identify a broad interest area of your own. We’ll ensure effective grantmaking within the field of interest as the needs of the community change over time. This type of fund allows your grantmaking to evolve as the needs within the field do, and gives you peace of mind knowing that we will be there to identify the best nonprofits in the issue area you have selected to ensure your legacy lives on.

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Donor advised fund

One of the most popular and flexible vehicles for giving! This fund allows you to make a tax-deductible gift to the fund now, and recommend grants to specific nonprofits on your own timetable. You can also involve your family in the fund’s charitable grantmaking. Donor advised funds can be permanently endowed or non-endowed.

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Your business can establish your own designated endowed fund, endowed donor advised fund and non-endowed donor advised funds. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, corporate donor advised funds make community giving simpler. Your organization recommends the grant recipients, with optional counsel from our expert staff. We handle everything else.

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Nonprofit endowment funds

These funds are vital to the health of our communities. Nonprofit endowments channel charitable gifts into a single investment fund that builds over time. A nonprofit organization’s endowment will generate earnings that contribute flexible, reliable annual income—now and for years to come. Your nonprofit benefits from professional investment management, relief from administrative burdens, philanthropic services support and planned giving tools and support for complicated gifts.

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Endowed scholarship fund

A scholarship fund offers you the opportunity to make education more accessible to students in your community, meeting your charitable objectives while also providing the much-needed financial support for students to achieve their educational dreams. Choose a school, population or other focus area to build the selection criteria for your scholarship and enjoy the impact it creates.

Want to learn more?

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