D.S. Flikkema Foundation Fund Grant

  • maximum awarded per application: up to $2,500

  • available: $35,300

  • contact: Lisa Stachula

  • opens: April 16, 2019

  • deadline: June 3, 2019 at 11:59pm

  • notification: July 1, 2019


The D.S. Flikkema Foundation was created to inspire the community of Fulton to achieve and excel. D.S. Flikkema was born and raised in Fulton and had a thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mind.  He had a Ph.D. in chemistry and physics, was a professor at Iowa State University, and did atomic research at Argonne National Laboratory. Upon his death, the foundation was created to support local “institutions, causes and fund drives…worthy of support in the fields of education, religion, and/or charity as well as community advancement.”  Examples of funding needs that D.S. Flikkema grants can address include:

  • Building an organization’s capacity to serve

  • Supporting an organization’s project or activity

  • Critical equipment/technology needs

Please note that the D.S. Flikkema Foundation currently does not fund salaries, building maintenance, or large projects that are not already substantially funded. It also does not fund religious projects that benefit any single denomination.


Applications are submitted via our online grant system. In this competitive process, applications are reviewed and scored against other applications received. Applications are reviewed and approvals are made by the designated trustee(s) of the foundation.


D.S. Flikkema Foundation grants may be awarded to nonprofit organizations that serve the Fulton community. The organizations do not have to be Fulton-based, but may apply only for projects or services that directly benefit the Fulton community.

Evaluation Criteria

D.S. Flikkema Foundation grants are reviewed and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Overall Impact: What important benefits would this grant provide to the community?

  • Breadth of Reach: How many people in the Fulton area will benefit?

  • Inclusion: What ages (children, youth, young adults, seniors), genders, income levels, etc. does this grant impact? 

  • Community Leverage: To what extent does this grant involve partnership with others, funding from other sources, and/or engagement of volunteers to accomplish its goal?

Examples of Recent D.S. Flikkema Foundation Grants 

  • Chamber of Commerce: Holiday lighting

  • Fire Protection District: Two Laerdal suction units for ambulances

  • Food Pantry: Holiday food baskets

  • Friends for Charity: Milk for elementary school children

  • Fulton Elementary and Middle Schools: iPads

  • Fulton High School: AP Chemistry class

  • Historical Society: Flood of 1965 exhibit

  • Kiwanis: Harvey Suehl Needy Families for Christmas Fund

  • Recreation Corporation: New laptop

  • River Bend Education Foundation: D.S. Flikkema Scholarships

  • Schmaling Library: eBooks membership fee

  • Unity Christian High School: Microscopes & dissecting trays

  • Volunteer Educators at WCC: Wild Winter Wednesday programs at WCC

  • Volunteer Millers at Windmill: Miller Club and miller programs

  • Windmill Steering Committee: Shelving and signage at WCC




We’re here to help you to be as successful as you can with your grant application. To discuss if your project is the right fit, contact:

Lisa Stachula / email
Call (563) 326-2840

Final Reports

D.S. Flikkema Foundation grant recipients need to complete a final report when they have used their grant for its intended purpose (no later than one year from receipt of the grant).  Final reports are to be completed in the same online system used to submit your grant application. 

Click here to log in and complete your final report for the D.S. Flikkema Foundation grant you received.