We aspire to be your most trusted resource for community generosity.

At the Quad Cities Community Foundation, we work to be your most trusted resource for community generosity. That’s why, for nearly 55 years, we have partnered with individuals and families, businesses and nonprofits, to create and grow charitable gifts that allow you to address our region’s most promising opportunities and pressing needs.

When we do that together, transformation can happen.

Charitable funds enhance the quality of life in our region, while also helping people like you to achieve your charitable goals and preserve your philanthropic legacy.

our work

The Quad Cities Community Foundation is the place where generous people in the Quad Cities (and beyond!) make gifts to support their community, organizations and causes most important to them. We are a public charity committed to listening to our donors’ charitable goals and working alongside them to help them best meet their hopes and dreams.  

Grant OPportunities Available

Thanks to the generosity of donors to our Community Impact Fund and other funds, the Quad Cities Community Foundation has awarded nearly $73 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in our region. Find out what you can apply for today—or in the near future.

Look at Scholarship Opportunities

Graduation may be a ways away, but students can now apply for scholarships to community colleges, trade schools, and four-year institutions thanks to the generosity of donors. Nearly $600,000 in scholarships are awarded each year.

You—yes, you!—can make an impact on our region for years to come

Through the Community Impact Fund, the Quad Cities Community Foundation is able to support nonprofits and initiatives that have the ability to transform our region. Find out more about the Community Impact Fund, and make a gift today.


Celebrate the transformation happening every single day.


Aimed at preventing neglect and child abuse, the Healthy Families Home Visitation and Doula Program of the Child Abuse Council provides new parents who have at-risk factors with support and services to help build their parental skills.

It is our recent Transformation Grant awardee for the transformational work happening.



Your Quad Cities Community Foundation is the home where generosity lives. And not just any generosity. It is constant, long-term generosity that will transform our region forever. It is also generosity that brings people together, hones in on the strategies to better the Quad Cities and beyond, and works toward goodness with other organizations and leadership to make our home better than yesterday.

We proudly support communities beyond the Quad Cities.

The Quad Cities Community Foundation empowers generosity in communities from Geneseo to Fulton, North Lee County to Cedar County, Florida to Arizona, and beyond, through Geographic Affiliate Funds started by communities, for their communities. Community Funds, like our Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund, provide support to communities when they need it most.


Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

We love the Quad Cities region—a place that we are proud to call home. Every single day, we strive to bring creativity, flexibility and passion to our work, and stand ready to partner with you so that you can give back to the communities that you love. Get to know the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

The first

The Quad Cities Community Foundation was among the first to receive accreditation from National Standards for Community Foundations as set forth by the Council on Foundations. The accreditation represents operational effectiveness to foster excellence in community philanthropy. 

$72.9 million

As of September 30, 2018, we’ve granted nearly $73 million back into the community. This year along, we’ve made $100,000 investments in organizations like the Child Abuse Council to support at-risk mothers and their newborn babies, $15,000 Challenge Grants to nonprofits like Transitions Mental Health Services, and Capacity Building Grants to support technology upgrades to organizations like Prairie State Legal Services.

$15.6 million in gifts

In 2017, donors gave $15.6 million in gifts to the Quad Cities Community Foundation. What will this year look like? Join the thousands of donors who support shared community each year by gifting to the Community Foundation today. Find out how