Youth Philanthropy 

We feel so lucky to be surrounded by young people.

Youth and young adults are our future. And we know they have some of the biggest and brightest ideas to make our region more cool, creative, connected and prosperous. The Quad Cities Community Foundation is committed to opening our doors to everyone—most especially the young people in our community who aren’t willing to wait to transform our region.

How young people are involved

Teens for Tomorrow

Young leaders become philanthropists by learning about community needs, developing a grant opportunity, evaluating applications, making site visits, and awarding grants. Each year, Teens for Tomorrow awards a total of $10,000 to nonprofits meeting a variety of needs in the Quad Cities area.

Volunteer Committees

Young Quad Citizens volunteer their time on one of our many grants and scholarship committees, sitting alongside volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to make decisions on how Community Impact Fund dollars and scholarship awards are put back into our region.

Why we do it

Because young people are awesome!

The youth we partner with are true community assets—young women and men who are stepping up early in their lives to transform our region, and helping to shape our philanthropic work in the future. Including young people in our work today benefits the individual, the organizations they choose to support, our region, and frankly, society as a whole.