Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund

We are currently accepting donations to support nonprofits in ROCK ISLAND AND SCOTT COUNTIES supporting people impacted by the flooding in OUR Quad Cities REGION through the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund.

The Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund provides support to organizations in Scott and Rock Island Counties, and ensures they have the resources to target our community’s long-term recovery efforts after a disaster. Funds will be used for needs here in the Quad Cities area.

The fund provides assistance in the weeks and months after a disaster, when attention turns from emergency response to community recovery (see the diagram at right).

 Every dollar makes a difference. Please give online right now.

About the Fund

The fund specifically supports organizations who need additional resources to support people in our community when a disaster, natural or man-made, occurs. Through strong relationships with nonprofits and community leaders in the Quad Cities and due to the generosity of donors in the community, the Community Foundation is able to quickly make grantmaking decisions and infuse resources into organizations so that they can effectively meet the needs and opportunities after a disaster, and effectively aid in long-term recovery efforts.

Support the Fund

Donations are currently being accepted to support recovery efforts. Giving to the fund ensures that we can support organizations best-positioned to aid long-term recovery efforts in our community in the days, weeks—and sometimes even years—following a disaster. The fund will be dedicated for use in the Quad Cities area.

Why the Fund

We recognize that disaster response in the immediate aftermath is best provided by experts like the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. We recognize that the recovery of a community after a disaster can take months—sometimes even years. We also want to make sure a fund is in place to accept contributions to support extended recovery efforts.

At the Quad Cities Community Foundation, we are committed to the wellbeing of our region now—and always. We believe we can contribute to our community's recovery after a disaster by providing a designated fund that can accept gifts right away to support our regional community. The fund will support organizations in their long-term efforts, and help people return to normal, or an even better "new normal."

Fund Priorities

  • Provide swift, flexible support to ensure the survival of organizations serving people affected by a disaster who were vulnerable populations before the disaster occurred. This support happens in the first few days to weeks after a disaster, and could include basic needs like safe shelter, food, child care, and education.

  • Promote the development of disaster case management for people impacted by the disaster, ensuring they can access all the assistance they need to put their lives back on track. This support happens in the first weeks and month after a disaster.

  • Target long-term recovery efforts like the development of community-driven long-term recovery plans that oftentimes can take months or even a year to complete after a disaster.

Grant opportunities are identified through the Community Foundation's partnerships with local government and recovery organizations through the QC Community Organizations Active in Disasters.


Disaster recovery funds are available to nonprofit, 501(c)3 public charities, or eligible schools and government entities providing support in Rock Island County, Illinois, and Scott County, Iowa.

Definition of Disaster

A disaster is an event, natural or man-made, which causes death and destruction on a scale that overwhelms the ability of our community's resources to save lives, preserve property, and maintain the stability of our Quad Cities area. The disaster may be one that has received a state or federal disaster declaration including Individual Assistance determination, or it may be a "low-attention" disaster that is just as devastating but does not meet the criteria for those official declarations.