Maximizing Your Relationship with the Community Foundation

Events and Fundraising

The Quad Cities Community Foundation adheres to state and federal laws, National Standards and board policies in order to protect its nonprofit status, volunteers and donors. There are many ways to reach out and engage the community. It is important to select activities that further the goals of a community foundation and stay away from possible legal issues.

Annual celebrations, although not required, can be a way to gather members of the community to learn about your Affiliate. It can be a time to share what you have accomplished through unrestricted granting and celebrate your donors.  Although this is not a fundraiser, you will still need the Community Foundation approval. Please complete the Event Budget and Information Form early in your process and before you start advertising your event. 

There are strict state and federal regulations for gaming. Because of this, raffles, games of chance or other forms of gaming or gambling are never permitted. 

Fundraising activities such as auctions, bake sales, golf tournaments, fun runs, and similar events also are not permitted.  In general, these events do not raise significant funds for endowments in comparison to the associated risk and manpower needed to plan, hold and complete any follow-up reporting. Consider carefully what you hope to accomplish with an event and if there are better suited options or organizations to partner with. 

Be sure to review the Donor and Affiliate Initiated Fundraising Policy. The Community Foundation has the right to decline proceeds or gifts resulting from fundraising activities held without approval. You will want to carefully consider the negative effect of the event recipients’ checks being returned to them because the Community Foundation cannot accept them. Contact us if you have any questions.