Maximizing Your Relationship with the Community Foundation

Invoices and Other Payments

The Quad Cities Community Foundation will disperse a hard copy check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction for payment requests that are submitted with an attached invoice, receipt or expense reimbursement request. The payment request advises accounts payable of the correct vendor, amount to be paid and the appropriate fund name and budget line to apply expenditure.  In addition, it is the approval to disburse payment. This request can be mailed directly to the Community Foundation or emailed to  Disbursement will be made two weeks from payment request receipt, barring unexpected circumstances. 

Automated Clearing House Transactions

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions can be made to all payees with their approval. The ACH Authorization Form can be filled out and submitted for payment. ACH payments are an alternative method of payment which can reduce expenses and provide a timely payment to payees. When an ACH is disbursed, a notification email is sent to the payee with the payment information.

Check Requests

Download the check requests form here

Form W-9

A completed IRS Form W-9 is required prior to the issuance of all accounts payable payments. An IRS Form W-9 is a request for information. It verifies the person or organization’s name and address, as well as the business name, if applicable. It will also certify that the person/organization is not subject to backup withholding.

Download the form here.