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Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation

The Looser-Flake Foundation is a private foundation started in 2013. The fund will serve charitable causes in Mercer County, with preferred support to New Boston Township, Illinois.

Dorothy Looser-Flake and Roberta Looser were sisters who were born and raised on a family farm near New Boston Township, Illinois. 

They cared deeply about the community that gave them so much growing up. So much so, in fact, that they left a portion of their estates to establish the Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to Mercer County. 


The mission of the Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation is to advance economic development and further cultural and educational opportunities in Mercer County, Illinois, with a particular focus on New Boston Township in Mercer County, Illinois.


It is the vision of the Looser-Flake Foundation to provide opportunities for improvement, maintenance and advancement of local education, as well as agricultural and economic development for people in their community.

General Aims

Advance educational and cultural opportunities, and economic development in Mercer County, Illinois, with particular reference to New Boston Township in Mercer County.

  • Increase the jobs base in Mercer County

  • Make the county a more desirable place in which to raise a family and live.

  • Provide for scholarships distribution through designated grants to entities that can implement a scholarship program.


The Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications. Based on the results of the Mercer County Better Together community visioning process, two grant opportunities has been announced for 2019.

To learn more about the Mercer County Better Together community visioning process and how to get involved, watch this video and visit Mercer County Better Together


If you’re a board member of the Looser-Flake Foundation, you can access the online portal here.