Mark W. Schwiebert Fund for Environmental Studies Grant

  • maximum awarded per application: up to $2,600

  • available: One-year and two-year available

  • contact: Lisa Stachula

  • opens: February 1, 2019

  • deadline: April 30, 2019

  • notification: June, 2019


Mark Schwiebert established the Mark W. Schwiebert Fund for Environmental Studies in 2016 to fund programs that educate the public on environmental challenges posed by climate change and natural resource depletion. It also funds environmental research projects aimed at counteracting these challenges through sustainable and/or synergistic products or applications.

To preview the Mark W. Schwiebert Fund application questions, please click here.


  • Nonprofit organizations, universities, colleges and governmental organizations are eligible to apply for this grant.

  • Preference will be given to organizations serving Henry, Mercer or Rock Island Counties in Illinois and Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Counties in Iowa.

  • Please follow the link to our webpage What We Look For to read information on "general grant program eligibility requirements" and "areas not funded by grant programs."

Evaluation Criteria 

  • Projects should have a clear purpose and benefit in either educating the public or conducting research aimed at reducing or minimizing the effects of climate change and/or environmental depletion.

  • Projects should be financially feasible, giving consideration to all sources of support funding the project.

  • Projects should be technically feasible within the parameters of resources available for the project.

  • Prior experience of the applicant organization in educating the public or conducting research will be considered.

  • Projects should create an excellent return on investment in realizing goals relevant to the purpose of the fund relative to dollars awarded.

Examples of possible projects or programs:

  • Funding speaker’s fee of recognized experts in conservation or sustainable practices.

  • Funding research project for the Upper Mississippi watershed.

  • Funding research in utilizing sustainable energy sources.




We’re here to help you to be as successful as you can with your grant application. To discuss if your project is the right fit, contact:

Lisa Stachula / email
Call (563) 326-2840