What do bridges, cellos, and the Community Foundation have in common?

Cello-small for web.jpg

FIRST let me share what many people have asked me.  What is my vision for our Community Foundation?  To be a bridge joining people with PASSION, COMMITMENT, and a COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT to challenge the status quo and create cool, creative, and prosperous opportunities for the benefit of our Regional Community.

Now let me introduce you to our cello for: 100 Years, 100 Cellos -celebrating a century of music by the Quad City Symphony Orchestra and the upcoming concert featuring classical music superstar Yo-Yo Ma on May 14th. CLICK HERE for more information.

Our beautiful cello’s name is “Where the River Bends".  We asked our artist, Michelle Campbell, to consider including a bridge.   She painted a lighted Centennial Bridge with city buildings reflecting on the great Mississippi River.  Our artist went above and beyond getting to know our organization as she painted our cello. The back of our cello is a rural scene with a river, like our logo. 

I invite you to come out this spring to the Community Foundation office to see our cello and learn how our artist was inspired by the work of the Community Foundation and all the lives we touch.  The cello will be in our office through the end of March.

Please join me and the artist as we reflect on how sponsoring one of the 100 cellos gave us the opportunity to support the 100 year anniversary of our symphony AND capture what the BRIDGES mean to our community and organization. 

I am so thankful we have this opportunity to be part of 100 Years, 100 Cellos and bring “Where the River Bends” through our cello.

I look forward to seeing you at our office this spring.