So much to be thankful for


November is a month of gratitude, and there are so many reasons to be thankful for the generosity in this community. If you take a look at the number of grants that went out into the community this year, you might be surprised by the creative ways individuals and organizations are meeting needs in nearly every corner of our community.

The Brissman Foundation, for example, is alive and well thanks to the generosity of two long-time Milan residents. Multiple post-secondary institutions received an infusion of endowed scholarship funds, which means that a serious investment has been made in the lives of multiple students in our region. That investment will have dividends for years to come.

The Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund grants awarded this fall are another example. In an effort to support programs for youth development, health, community development, cultural activities and education, the Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fund continues to pour important resources into local schools, colleges and charitable organizations in our region. Every grant honors the memory of Amy, who wanted to shed light on issues surrounding eating disorders and provide very real help for the men and women who suffer from those disorders.

And finally, we are thankful for the Q2030 Grants. As we mark the program’s first full year of existence, we celebrate that these grants have encouraged innovation, culture and lifelong learning. Through one of the Q2030 Grants, we witnessed the energy and drive from our youth, including several who spent part of their summer repurposing benches for Rock Island and creating art sculptures for downtown Davenport as part of a Quad City Arts program .

If it wasn’t for their creativity and commitment, coupled with the knowledge and willingness of local artists to teach and lead, our community wouldn’t be the same.  

All of these grants, and hundreds more, do a number of positive things beyond the direct individuals involved. They lift up the entire community, not only by physical improvements to our cities, but in the morale and atmosphere created when one person is kind to another. They set a standard of giving, not only for people in a position to give, but for our youth who are watching as education, health, the arts and so many other areas in our community are influenced by generosity.

They pave the way for growth, innovation, and stability. 

This only happens through the generosity of all our Community Foundation donors. None of these grants and investments in our community are possible without Quad Citizens like you who are giving back through the Community Foundation.  

As we enter the holiday season, I’d like to take a moment to give special thanks to our dedicated Board of Directors, professional staff and volunteer committees for their commitment to our work and the Quad Cities regional community.  

I hope you are, as I am, inspired and encouraged by all the good work and opportunities being provided through the resources provided by the Community Foundation. Know that we will continue to carry out what is most important to transform our community through the generosity of our donors.