Celebrating you


We're in a season of gratefulness and that's exactly where my head and heart were when I returned from a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for the CEO for Cities National Conference. I had the opportunity to lead the Quad Cities Leadership Cluster dialogue and came away from the trip thankful for—and energized by—the leaders here in our community who share our passion for this region.

Through the work of CEOs for Cities, we watched as key leaders across all sectors rise to the challenge of discovering and implementing new ways to partner with each other.

As we prepare for the end of the year, a time when we share our gratitude with donors and the community for their support, we are so thankful for all Quad Citizens in our community this past year who have worked to transform our region. This includes all donors to the Community Foundation!

This week is Community Foundation Week (yes, there actually is such a thing!). There are currently more than 780 community foundations across the U.S., all of them making vital investments in the health of their communities. As our country experiences largest wealth transfer in American history, it is more important than ever that community foundations work with people like you to strengthen our community today—and well into the future.

Community foundations have the potential to be powerful vehicles for change because they are people driven. As we have seen time and again in the Quad Cities, a community comprised of people intent on helping each other will always succeed.

So as we celebrate Community Foundation Week, we're not only lifting up the organizations that help make philanthropy happen—we are really celebrating and thankful for you.