A home where generosity lives

by Sherry Ristau, President / CEO

The weather decided quickly to go from fall to winter. Just as we were all getting back from Thanksgiving travel, we witnessed not just the first snowflake but a full blown BLIZZARD!

The weather is a reminder, for me at least, that “change” is constant.

By now I hope you’ve heard the news about our change at the Community Foundation. We are now the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the conversations and feedback over the past few weeks since announcing our new name. What has been really cool is the recognition by our community that our name change is not about a new marketing strategy, nor is it about a new tagline or website (which you can check out here, by the way).

It is about people.

It’s about the Quad Cities.

It’s about home.

Your Quad Cities Community Foundation is the home where generosity lives. And not just any generosity. It is constant, long-term generosity that will transform our region forever. It is also generosity that brings people together, hones in on the strategies to better the Quad Cities and beyond, and works toward goodness with other organizations and leadership to make our home better than yesterday.

That is giving. That is the season we now welcome with open arms (even if it means more snow heading our way!).

As the Quad Cities Community Foundation, we want to be the place where you can hit pause to focus, to connect, and to act with generosity. The groundwork has been laid for the next chapter in the life of the Quad Cities and we will continue to engage people from all backgrounds to tap into the ways and means of generosity we didn’t even think was possible. 

So what should you take from this name change? Take it as a sincere and powerful reminder that we are here to serve you. And to help you connect, share and give for the place you call home.

As we prepare to welcome the holidays and the start of a New Year, we recommit ourselves to work hard every day, to listen, lead and act to amplify goodness, and to be your most trusted resource for community generosity with passion, commitment, integrity and humility.