Gift annuities–a unique way to give

There are countless ways to give back to the community—and the charities Quad Citizens care about—through the Quad Cities Community Foundation. And there’s one unique way to give that also allows donors to turn their generosity into a lifetime of income as well.

“A charitable gift annuity is a wonderful way for individuals and couples to make a sizeable philanthropic gift while also ensuring their own financial security,” said Anne Calder, vice president for development at the Community Foundation. “A charitable annuity provides a regular payment to the donor and offers a number of tax benefits while also allowing the donor to make a commitment now to an organization they wish to support.”

It’s easy to start a gift annuity. First, a donation is made to the Community Foundation, and is set aside in a reserve account and invested. Based on the donor’s age, a fixed payout on a monthly or quarterly basis is made for the rest of the donor’s life, as well as the donor’s spouse or partner, if being gifted from a couple. At the end of their lives, the Community Foundation receives the remainder of the gift to support the community.

To learn more, contact Anne Calder at 563/326-2840 or to discuss more how a charitable gift annuity can be a way to support the Quad Cities.

Melanie Jones