It takes time

by Sherry Ristau / President & CEO

Let’s be honest—it’s going to be tested in each of us over the next year as the new I-74 bridge over the Mississippi River hits its next stage by connecting the new on-ramps. Lanes will be closed, it’s going to slow us all down, and make the arrival of our destinations a bit longer.
It is a step that can’t be skipped. It is work that, when completed, will transform the Quad Cities forever.
It is like the work we do here at the Quad Cities Community Foundation. Sometimes things move quickly. We witness victories with the quick work of a nonprofit, or a donor who makes an investment and the recipient benefits almost immediately.
But oftentimes the work takes time. Building endowment for our community is what we do—and that takes commitment, nurturing and trust. It is a purposeful dance of connecting donors to their hopes and dreams so they can build a legacy. In doing so, they entrust us to support the region not just today, but forever.
The work on I-74 right now is dusty and dirty, but I hope you will join me in remembering it is a little headache for something that is going to be truly transformative. This is what we have been waiting for—a safe, beautiful centerpiece that connects the Quad Cities and serves as a symbol of this region’s unity.
That, too, aligns with the Community Foundation. We are in it for the long haul. We are willing to do the daily work because we know if we have a steady hand during the hard work, we will reap the reward at the end. Our minds and hearts are set on the end game and we invite you to do the same. Give now, knowing you build something that will bear sweet fruit long after we are gone.
The I-74 bridge is going to transform our region. It is also going to inspire us to think about the next big, audacious project we can take on. It will just take time.
The bridge, for me, is a reminder—especially when I’m waiting to zipper into traffic—that every day is a new opportunity to join together with you and build on the work of yesterday. We’re in the trenches with you because we know the incredible transformations that happen in our communities when generosity takes hold.
The time to do the hard work is here, so let’s do it!

Sherry Ristau