Teens For Tomorrow Grant

  • maximum awarded per application: up to $2,500

  • available: $10,000

  • contact: Kelly Thompson

  • opens: January 15, 2019

  • deadline: February 28, 2019

  • notification: Early May 2019


Teens for Tomorrow (T4T) is a youth philanthropy group made up of high school students from Rock Island County in Illinois and Scott County in Iowa. These young leaders become philanthropists by learning about community needs, developing a grant opportunity, evaluating applications, making site visits, and awarding grants. Each year, T4T awards a total of $10,000 to nonprofits meeting a variety of needs in the Quad City Area. Click here to learn more about T4T.

Teens for Tomorrow grants will support nonprofit organizations to carry out programs or projects that benefit Rock Island County, Illinois, and/or Scott County, Iowa. In 2019, T4T Board Members have decided to focus on the areas of Hunger, Environment, Human Safety and Mental Health.


  • Applications are submitted via our online grant system. 

  • T4T Board Members will contact each applicant to schedule a site visit in March or April 2019. Site visits will consist of 3-5 Teens for Tomorrow Board Members visiting the organization for no more than one hour. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your staff or volunteers helping us to understand your application by providing a tour and answering the members' questions about your program or project.


Eligible 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations:

  • Are located in and serving residents of Rock Island County, Illinois and/or Scott County, Iowa. 

  • Grant applications addresses one of the following issues in our community:

    • Hunger: Providing food to people in need and/or addressing the root issues of hunger.

    • Environment: Protecting, preserving, and improving our natural world.

    • Human Safety: Aiding, sheltering, or counseling survivors of human trafficking or mental/physical domestic violence, or educating and training to prevent these abuses – regardless of the victims’ age, gender, race, or family status.

    • Mental Health: Providing mental health care services and/or educating the public on mental health.

  • Please follow the link to our webpage What We Look For to read information on "general grant program eligibility requirements" and "areas not funded by grant programs."

Funds can be used for any expenses of projects or programs that address the above issues, including but not limited to direct service, operations, or education/awareness.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact: The goals that the effort seeks to achieve are important and will make an impact on the issue in the community.

  • Inclusion: The organization and the effort meaningfully include and engage diverse populations.

  • Likelihood of Success: The organization and the effort appear likely to be successful at achieving their goals to serve our community. This might be shown by the credibility, character, and experience of the organization.

  • Quality of Plan: The plan for the project, program, or effort makes sense, is specific, and contains a clear budget outlining the use of T4T (and other) funds.

  • Passion: The organization’s representatives show passion for its mission and the effort it is applying for. This might be shown through excitement demonstrated in the application or site visit, by the effort put into the application, or a story of the experience of people helped by the project. 

  • Impact of T4T Grant: A T4T grant will make a difference to the success of the effort.  This might be shown by demonstrating that the T4T grant will help the effort go forward sooner (or at all).




We’re here to help you to be as successful as you can with your grant application. To discuss if your project is the right fit, contact:

Kelly Thompson / email
Call (563) 326-2840

Final Reports

Please complete a final report when you have finished your project or within six months, whichever is sooner. Final reports are completed in the same online system you submitted your application. 

Click here to log in and complete a final report for a Teens for Tomorrow.