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Philanthropy - The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, shown in contributions of money, property, or work for the benefit of others.

Youth Philanthropy is an opportunity to provide an avenue for young people to contribute in a special way, to develop their skills and knowledge – and experience first-hand the joy, satisfaction and impact they can make through charitable giving. This goes beyond community service and takes civic education to the next level. It helps our youth to understand how important their role is in our society and how sharing responsibilities can effect social change.


Our TGF program contributes to the community both now and in the future.  Teens will learn and experience giving in adolescent years, and see the difference that it makes. The knowledge gained will not only benefit them as they begin their adult lives, but it will instill in them a sense of compassion and responsibility in helping others that will grow exponentially as they become leaders and decision makers in this and other communities and organizations.

A study by the Independent Sector & Youth Service America found that individuals who were engaged as volunteers as youth are twice as likely to donate their time as adults, and are also more generous in their charitable giving.

Youth Voice and Influence can be a powerful thing:

  • They can provide unique insight & knowledge about issues affecting a community

  • We can show them that we perceive them as leaders and agents of change in our community, and that we value them as an asset

  • They can show that a collaborative approach, where youth and adults work together as an equal team can be just as, if not more effective than an authoritative approach.

Top 10 Reasons to Join TGF 

2013 "We are TGF" Video

Material Downloads

  • TGF Grant Application

  • TGF Member Application

  • Brochure

  • Overview Document


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TGF is a nine month program where students meet regularly to learn about the role that nonprofit organizations play in our community. They meet with and tour local not-for-profit organizations to learn more about their daily operations, purpose, impact, struggles and needs. TGF team members experience every aspect of the grant cycle from the press release to the decision process and distribution of funds.


  1. Create organizational structures and partnerships to support and sustain a youth philanthropy program for Geneseo and the surrounding communities

  2. Engage area teens as decision-makers and connect them to a broader community

  3. Identify community issues

  4. Build a youth-friendly environment

  5. Expand opportunities for teens to work together

  6. Build on community assets to support lasting change

  7. Promote Youth Development by helping them to:

    1. Obtain leaderships skills

      1. Event Planning

      2. Organization

    2. Enhance communication skills

      1. Engage peers through volunteerism

      2. Marketing and Public Relations

      3. Networking – other programs in area, statewide and national level

    3. Learn basics and the process of

      1. Philanthropy

      2. Grant Making

      3. Asset Mapping

      4. Community Needs Analysis and Assessment

    4. Grow through experience

  8. Provide program training and support

  9. Assess program activities and outcome

  10. Communicate program accomplishments

Most importantly, our mission is to inspire and promote an inner passion to give, to help others, to gather support and to provide our youth an opportunity to experience first-hand the powerful impact that philanthropy has on a community.

How awesome for teens to prove to themselves that they not only can make a difference, but that they already have!


TGF is a program of and is overseen by GIFT, a component fund of the Quad Cities Community Foundation. TGF is governed by a core group of 20-25 high school students from grade levels 9-12, along with a GIFT adviser, and one or two adult volunteers. The teens will have an opportunity to be an active member of TGF each year of their high school career. This will provide continuity and foster sharing of knowledge and experience to new team members.

Candidates will apply for the position and will be required to:

  • Be engaged and passionate about the organization and its purpose

  • Commit to attending monthly meetings and participating in discussion and tasks

  • Submit an application along with a permission form signed by their parent or guardian

  • Submit a 1-page essay stating why they are interested and  what makes them a good candidate

This is a commitment of time and dedication by all student and adult participants. GIFT will provide orientation, guidance and training on common grant concerns, responsibilities, policies and procedures along with service expectation.

Together the TGF team will reach far beyond the notion of community; they will dig deep into the needs of the community and the heart of why these needs exist.

Ultimately the group will come up with a funding priority consensus. At the end of each school year they will reflect, measure and evaluate what they learned and the impact they had on area youth, adults, the community and each other.

We are very excited about this new initiative and the opportunities it presents. Our area teens are passionately embracing and supporting this program and we encourage you to do the same!