A gift of love

Do you remember your “giving moment?”

Maybe it was a handmade quilt you spent time and energy creating.

Or maybe it was the first Christmas gift you bought your family on the first Christmas Eve in your very own home.

Perhaps it was a monetary gift - change in the red kettle at the store, a $5 bill in the church offering plate from your allowance, or a check to honor a loved one.

For a Quad City man, it was that simple.
A check; to honor his late wife and support his church’s endowment. 
The desire to build her a legacy in the best way he could.
A wall of honor at the church listing those who support the church endowment, often in memory of loved ones.
And a gift from the man’s heart.

Not $1 million, but $1,000. Something that seems like quite a bit for many of us and yet a drop in the bucket for others. But that’s not the point. When we open our hearts and give in the best way we can, our “giving moment” can take any shape and form.

And…as this man signed his name to this special check, he remembered his wife and smiled.

Her name would be placed among others in a special place of honor in the church’s entryway. His gift in her memory will forever support the church’s work and bring joy to a widower over the holidays.

Melanie JonesDonors