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$51,000+ grant to support homeowners recovering from this summer’s historic flood announced

There are still people who need help recovering from the historic flooding of the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities region this spring. “Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, in a week, or even months, after a disaster like the one we had,” Kelly Thompson, vice president of grantmaking and community initiatives at the Quad Cities Community Foundation said.

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Footsteps can be hard to follow...

Footsteps can be hard to follow. But let me tell you, we have leaders rising up in the Quad Cities who are not only filling the shoes of those Quad Citizens who came before them, but confidently forging new paths of their own. This moment, my friends, is a transformative one in the Quad Cities.

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Ascentra Credit Union Foundation donates $10,000 to Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund

The temporary levee broke under pressure, but the will of the Quad Cities region is stronger than ever.  The boots on the ground organizations have been busy helping people with housing and cleanup efforts since the Mississippi River recently inundated and devastated parts of the Quad Cities region. 

Now, the Ascentra Credit Union Foundation is joining efforts to strengthen the long-term recovery efforts with a donation of $10,000 to the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund at the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

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The long game

Project Renewal is looking at the long game. The Davenport / Quad Cities organization is a great example of the deep impact an endowment can have on an organization and the surrounding community.

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Walking across a stage with generosity

It’s the intention of the Pleasant Valley School District that students leave with two important takeaways following graduation. “Our deeply-held values in this district are the importance of students continuing on to purse post-secondary education opportunities and teaching them the value of citizenship to our communities,” noted Superintendent Jim Spelhaug.

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