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Walking across a stage with generosity

It’s the intention of the Pleasant Valley School District that students leave with two important takeaways following graduation. “Our deeply-held values in this district are the importance of students continuing on to purse post-secondary education opportunities and teaching them the value of citizenship to our communities,” noted Superintendent Jim Spelhaug.

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Meet our new board chairperson

When Jean Moran asks her son 11-year-old Finnegan what mom is good at, he says, “Kickball.”

“Finny,” as she calls him, is wise beyond his years. Because while the mother of two and the new chairperson of the board of directors at the Quad Cities Community Foundation may indeed be good at connecting her foot to a fast-approaching bouncing ball, she is also great at connecting people in the community together for the greater good.

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John R. Kiley Memorial Scholarship

“He was always late!” exclaimed Katie Kiley, wife of the late John Kiley. “John often accomplished more in one day, than most people do in two.” Katie recalled one of many evenings when John was late for supper. While John was out on a run, he encountered a woman whose car had run out of gas. “John ran to the nearest gas station to get fuel for the woman.”

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Melanie JonesScholarship