Profiles of Impact: A love for the community -- The Hofmann Family Community Impact Endowment


There are so many needs in our community,” says Eda Hofmann, “I would have no idea which one is the most vital, and which one has no place to turn to for help.” 

Eda and her husband, Bill, were born and raised in the Quad Cities. With five children and nine grandchildren, the Hofmanns understand the importance of providing the best opportunities for future generations.

Making a Lasting Impact

With this in mind, they wanted to make a lasting impact, but didn’t know where to begin. Eda turned to the Community Foundation, where she learned about the Community Impact Endowment, and how it allows the Community Foundation to use flexible funds to address the most pressing needs.

Thanks to the expertise and flexible structure of the Community Foundation, Bill and Eda were able to establish the Hofmann Family Community Impact Endowment. Projects they have supported include Achieve Quad Cities, Partners in Nursing, and Communityworks. 

“It gives me immense satisfaction,” Eda says.

“What we both like about the Community Foundation,” says Bill, “is that it helps people locally instead of sending its support out of the area.”

They hope that future generations of Hofmanns will contribute to the fund and continue helping the community that Bill and Eda have loved all their lives.

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