Helen Maurer Simmons Scholarship

Helen Mauer Simmons was born in the small town of West Liberty, IA. Helen's ancestors were all hard-working Swiss and English farmers. When she lived there, West Liberty was a little community of fewer than 2,000 people. However, the small town did have a lot of trains, in fact, probably more trains than people passed through West Liberty in a year. Helen's hometown had a public swimming pool, fairgrounds, and four churches. The local dairy farmers during Helen's childhood made Iowa Gold Butter, which was distributed throughout the state of Iowa and other areas of the Midwest.

There were two schools in Helen's hometown; one for students' grades 1-6 and the other for grades 7-12. Two school busses were used to transport kids from outside the city limits to school each day. Helen graduated from West Liberty High School at the age of 16. Normally graduates must wait until they are 18 to take the state teacher exams and pass them, but because of the war, Helen was granted an emergency certificate and began teaching at 17.

After her teaching career Helen worked in accounting, logistics and payroll departments at three Quad City area companies. First, she was employed at JI Case Co. in Bettendorf, IA in their accounting department. Then Helen began a career at the John Deere Parts Depot in East Moline, IL where she worked in the payroll department. Finally, Helen worked at AMC COM International Logistics Directorate on the Rock Island, IL Arsenal Island. Helen wrote and facilitated contracts for the sale of numerous goods internationally.

Helen is involved in many community organizations and does a great deal for those in need in our community. Helen is a member of the PEO Sisterhood and Moline Literary Guild. She volunteers at St. Luke's Auxiliary, Moline Public Hospital Auxiliary, Bettendorf Public Library, and the First Congregational Church in Moline. Not only does she volunteer her time, but also Helen shares her treasures with charities and organizations such as Christian Friendliness, Arrowhead Ranch, Bettendorf Public Library, First Congregational Church, and educational efforts.

Working through the Community Foundation, Helen was able to set up a scholarship fund. She wants to help students from her hometown have educational opportunities she didn't have. After working with her financial advisor, Helen felt that the Community Foundation would be the best place for her to accomplish her charitable goal. 

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