Profiles of Impact: Bryan Berry


The Community Foundation and its family of donors have helped students throughout the community. Scholarship recipient, Bryan Berry, shared that, "I knew from a young age that getting ahead in life would be difficult, but I knew that was possible."

At the age of 14, Bryan was working at a grocery store within walking distance from his family's apartment complex. In high school Bryan carried full academic and extracurricular schedules, all while working full-time at the store. He graduated valedictorian of his class and was accepted at St. Ambrose University. Even though Bryan saved carefully throughout the years; he was still in need of additional financial assistance.

He came across scholarship opportunities at the Community Foundation while surfing the Internet and realized he was eligible to apply for two of them. Bryan was awarded the Rotary Club of Davenport Scholarship and the Kautz Family Scholarship.

"Words cannot describe the appreciation I have for those who helped me obtain an education," said Bryan. "We are often unaware that the things we do, no matter how big or small they are, provide the opportunity to change lives."

Bryan enrolled at the University of Iowa in 2009 and is working towards his degree.

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