A community who believes in what we do

If we gathered every person together who contributes to the work of this Community Foundation into a room, we would be in the presence of an incredible amount of gifts, talents and determination. I am honored to work alongside people who truly believe in what we do and invest their skills and energy into ensuring our mission to transform the region is realized in ways both small and big. 

That couldn’t be truer than for the Community Foundation Board of Directors—women and men who propel this organization forward each year with their leadership and commitment to our mission. As we welcome the New Year, and the promise it brings of new opportunities to better serve our region, I would like us to welcome two new faces that will serve on our board: Kent Pilcher and John Stavnes. You can read more about them in this e-newsletter. 

We welcome them with anticipation as they lock arms with our current board members and join our ongoing effort to partner with people in this community as they see out their philanthropic endeavors.

Secondly, we want to recognize the nearly 20 years of collective service of the three outgoing members: Dan Ellard, William Storm, and Terry Wilson. They are three individuals who have each spent the last six years helping shape and guide our goals and vision.

During his time on the board, Bill lead our Investment Committee with good stewardship and an eye toward our future. Dan served on many committees, lending innovative ideas that have played a part in who we are today—and who we are becoming. Terry was always eager to offer advice on how we talk about ourselves, and more importantly, about the good work that happens all around us.

To the three of them, I would like to say thank you for answering the call to be leaders.

Thank you for walking it out with integrity.

Thank you for giving of yourself and your resources so others in this community can give of themselves as well.

One of the neat things we do at the Community Foundation is celebrate the work of our outgoing members by continuing the generosity they have shown during their service at the Community Foundation. Each has been provided the opportunity to award a $1,000 grant to a nonprofit of their choice.

We know there are many calls for our board’s time and resources, and we are grateful to each of them for making an investment in this Community Foundation. They each contribute to the legacy of our work and invest deeply in this community.

As we transition into the New Year, let us be reminded that without this board, we would not be able to effectively approach our community with our arms open and ears attune to the needs of people from all walks of life. While on the ground, our work often entails working one-on-one with donors, business leaders, and community members, and we should not forget the work that was done to lay that groundwork for what is ahead of us. We are only as strong as the board behind us. Without their discernment, direction and wisdom, our jobs would be difficult.

I am grateful for the contributions our board is making to our efforts to transform the region through the generosity of donors, and I look forward to the future as we continue to lead this community in giving.