Q2030 Regional Action Plan inspires new grant program at the Community Foundation


Nonprofits across the region can now apply for grants to transform the region 

The Quad Cities Community Foundation has launched a new grant program inspired by the Quad Cities Q2030 Regional Action Plan. The Community Foundation’s Q2030 Grants will support nonprofits in eastern Iowa and western Illinois whose programs contribute to making the region cool, creative, connected and prosperous. 

The goal of Q2030 is to grow talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all who call the Quad Cities home. 

“We have been honored to be part of the Quad Cities’ visioning process over the past year, and as we’ve shared ideas and listened to needs, we’ve asked ourselves how we can play a leading part in helping all of us work toward making our community better right away,” said Sherry Ristau, President and CEO of the Community Foundation and a member of the Q2030 Steering Committee. “This is just one of the ways we hope to inspire nonprofits to join us in transforming our region.” 

The Community Foundation took the first step toward a stronger, more vibrant community last winter by awarding two Leadership Grants totaling $120,000 to address issues of homelessness and poverty in the Quad Cities. The Q2030 Grant Program, Ristau said, is another effort to support programs and people who are making a difference throughout the community. 

“The possibilities for this region are truly endless when we come together with a shared vision. We can’t wait to see what our Q2030 Grants will mean to organizations who are creatively and thoughtfully contributing to a better tomorrow in their own ways,” she added.  

Q2030: A Regional Action Plan, which was developed after much research and community conversations and is currently being finalized, tackles tough issues facing the region and identifies opportunities that have the highest odds for transformational and enhanced impact for our community. Kelly Thompson, Director of Programs, said the region’s nonprofits play an important role in that effort. 

“Some of the most innovative thinking today is coming from our region’s nonprofits, who creatively are finding ways to address community issues with real solutions,” said Thompson, who oversees the Community Foundation’s grant-making initiatives. “As we look to the future as a community, nonprofits play a critical role in contributing to a cool, creative, connected and prosperous Quad Cities.” 

“The Quad Cities Community Foundation’s Q2030 Grants advance the spirit of the Regional Action Plan—collaboration,” said Rene Gellerman, Senior Vice President at the Quad Cities Chamber. “The Community Foundation is helping to ignite and multiply the potential, capacity and impact for the region by aligning these grants. Their foresight will undoubtedly increase the speed in which our region sees tangible results from Q2030.”  

Applications for a Q2030 Grant are now being accepted, and are awarded monthly. Applications received by the last day of one month will be reviewed and awarded by the 20th day of the following month. To apply for a Q2030 Grant and to learn more about the program, here

Grants may be used to fill a variety of needs, both programmatic and operational. Monies may fund projects that create strong and attractive places to live, work and play; provide the region’s residents with great care, education, training, career opportunities and cultural experiences; and encourage people to come together and help one another in ways that enhance the entire region.  

Q2030 Grants are available for up to $2000, and up to $6000 per month will be awarded. A total of $72,000 in grants will be distributed in 2016. An organization may only apply for and receive one Q2030 grant per calendar year. 

The Quad Cities Community Foundation also offers a number of other grant opportunities. Currently, the Community Foundation is accepting applications for Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants, which seek to strengthen nonprofits by building their capacity to deliver services to the people who need them most. Letters of interest are due by March 15, 2016. For more information about grants available at the Community Foundation, click here.