On the cusp of opportunity

We are standing on the cusp of a tremendous opportunity. Right now, America is experiencing one of the largest transfers of wealth in history—from one person to a beneficiary, and the depth of good that it could do for the people in the Quad Cities is unimaginable.

Let me paint you a picture. By 2060, wealth transfer will look like this:

  • $531 billion in Iowa.

  • $1.36 trillion in Illinois.

  • $36 billion in the Quad Cities.

In Rock Island and Scott Counties alone, there will be a wealth transfer of $14 billion and $22 billion respectively. Now, in partnership with people like you, if we could capture just two percent of that, it would be $780 million—or $32 million in grants that could be distributed into our community annually. As a comparison, last year the Quad Cities Community Foundation granted out nearly $10 million.

Can you imagine how $32 million annually could impact our parks and trails, our homeless population, young children, seniors, our museums and music and cultural programs, a new college student, a struggling single parent, our nonprofits? Our role at the Community Foundation is vital right now, working to find ways to efficiently educate our community on the ways they can give back to the things that matter to them.

Alongside our board of directors, staff, and professional advisors, we have the great privilege of working with people like you to think outside of the box—learning about where you grew up, where you may have made your living and your community, and what areas of the region interest you. As just one example, if you care about education, let's consider your preschool, elementary, junior and senior high school, and college experience. What teachers and mentors had an impact on your life, and how might you honor those people, places and time in your life so others can benefit?

We know that a majority of the wealth transfer will go to heirs. What we hope is that people will hit the pause button, and ask what kind of an impact two, five or 10 percent of what you planned to give to your descendants could do for our community?

The possibilities are endless. Once this transfer of wealth has happened, we will have witnessed a shift in responsibility from one generation to the next. If we can proactively help individuals like you make sound philanthropic decisions, we will shape our communities for years to come.

It is an incredibly exciting time. The transfer has already started. The hour is upon us. We are committed to making sure the Community Foundation can facilitate opportunities with the wealth transfer to benefit our Quad Citizens for the long-term future.

Want to learn more about how you can leave a legacy with the Community Foundation and contribute to the Quad Cities region for decades to come? Contact us at 563/326-2840.