Mercer County receives $150,000 to improve parks, recreation

Trustees of the Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation have awarded $150,000 to 11 groups across Mercer County to improve parks and recreation facilities.

The grants were made possible through the generosity of sisters Dorothy Looser Flake and Roberta Looser, born and raised on a family farm near New Boston Township.

The two left a portion of their estates to create the Looser-Flake Charitable Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to Mercer County. Their wish was to encourage the community, through creativity and collaboration, to find ways to advance local education, culture and economic development.

“Dorothy and Roberta would be so happy to see the collaborations happening in Mercer County today,” said trustee John Slover. “And this grant program was, simply, a home run.”“The work of Mercer County Better Together is exactly the type of collaboration we need in the county to enhance the quality of life for all who live and work here — and come to enjoy our parks and recreational amenities,” he said. “We are grateful for all those involved in Mercer County Better Together for their energy and passion for our community.”