Fulton Association for Community Enrichment caps off big year with matching grant

Fulton Association for Community Enrichment (FACE) is ringing in the New Year by celebrating a matching grant made possible by the D.S. Flikkema Foundation. One-hundred percent of the dollars FACE raised by participating in this year’s Birdies for Charity event was matched by the foundation, allowing FACE to continue to make Fulton a more supportive, creative and prosperous community.

“We are grateful for the generous match from the D.S. Flikkema Foundation,” said Greg Naftzger, a member of the FACE advisory board. “Their contribution meant that every dollar we raised through Birdies for Charity was doubled.”

Birdies for Charity contributed an extra 8.2 percent bonus on top of each paid pledge amount. The 2018 paid pledges for FACE totaled $2,233.55 and the bonus check totaled $183.15 for a total of $2,416.70. On top of that, the $2,416.70 in donations will be matched by a grant from the D.S. Flikkema Foundation.

Held each summer as part of the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament in the Quad Cities, Birdies for Charity is a proven success. In 2017, more than $12.2 million dollars was donated to charities within the Quad City region through the fundraiser. This year was a record-breaking year for the John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity, with over $13 million dollars generated this year for Birdies for Charity.

Contributions made to FACE help the community to improve the quality of life in Fulton. FACE exists to provide a tool for local donors to create whatever legacy they desire to leave for their community. Dollars raised through Birdies for Charity have been deposited into the Friends of FACE Non-Endowed Fund.

“On behalf of our entire advisory board, we are grateful to everyone in our community who made a pledge toward our Birdies for Charity fundraiser this year,” Naftzger said.

The FACE advisory board members include Connie Koehn, Rhea Kraft, Bruce Kreider, Marsha Norman, Greg Naftzger, and Jeanine Tufty. FACE’s mission is to serve as a philanthropic leader, catalyst, and resource to improve the quality of life and build community spirit through permanent endowments and other charitable funds. The fund assists individuals, families, businesses and organizations in meeting their charitable giving goals by supporting the causes that matter to them.

FACE is a component fund of the Quad Cities Community Foundation. The Quad Cities Community Foundation is the place where generous people in the Quad Cities and beyond make gifts to support their community, organizations and causes most important to them. The organization is a public charity committed to listening to donors’ charitable goals and working alongside them to help them best meet their hopes and dreams. Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Community Impact Fund and other funds, the Community Foundation has awarded more than nearly $73 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in the region. To learn how you can make a difference in Fulton through FACE, visit www.QCCommunityFoundation.org or contact a FACE board member.