By changing the lives of others…


My dad’s service club lived by a saying that continues to stick with me: “By changing the lives of others, our life is inevitably changed.”

Growing up, I saw how my dad embraced that. He gave of his time, talent and treasure to better what was most important to him—his family, and his community.

Last weekend, I talked about him during my short remarks to Quad Cities area students during our spring scholarship awards reception. The students were joined by their families, and many of the donors who made the 31 scholarships awarded to 47 students possible.

With every scholarship awarded—many of which are renewable—donors to the Community Foundation are changing the trajectory of these students’ lives. They are providing a vote of confidence in these students that they can go out into the world and better our communities in the way they so desire.

Our hope is that many of these students will do that here at home after they graduate. Every day, Quad Citizens across sectors are talking about what it will take to attract and keep talented people in the Quad Cities. Investments in our students through these scholarships is one way to support them. Ensuring that they know that we want them to build their careers and raise their families here after they complete their degree or certificate is also important. 

As we celebrate our 2018 graduates in the weeks ahead, let’s make sure that they know they have our vote of confidence, and that their hometown wants them to seriously consider the Quad Cities as a place to fulfill their hopes and dreams, for themselves—and the place they call home.