Quad Cities Community Foundation proudly announces $266,000 in scholarships to local scholars


It was during a balloon and laser demonstration while a high school student that Caleb Hoffman first realized he was interested in engineering. He toured a local private college as part of his high school’s talented and gifted program and watched in amazement as the laser blew up the balloon.

That interest eventually led him to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Iowa State University, where he will begin his senior year this fall. He is one of hundreds of students from the Quad Cities area each year who benefit from scholarships provided through the Quad Cities Community Foundation. 

Hoffman returned to the Quad Cities to speak with the 2018 scholarship recipients during the scholarship luncheon in which a total of $266,000 was awarded to local students.

Hoffman grew up in Muscatine, Iowa, and said multiple scholarships awarded through the Community Foundation have changed his life. In 2015, he received the Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship for $12,000, the Morency Family Scholarship for $8,000, and the Mike Condon Scholarship for $1,500. In 2016, he received another Mike Condon Scholarship for $1,500. 

“Donors in the community have funded more than a quarter of my tuition,” he said. “The support has helped me more than they may ever know. When I was a freshman, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for school because it was hard—it is hard,” he said. “But I knew there were people who had my back, saying ‘yes, you can do it and we want to invest in you.’ I realized, they really think I can. That support has helped in a lot of ways.”

Renewable scholarships like some of the ones Hoffman received are helpful for students because the they benefit over the course of their college career. “Every single scholarship awarded transforms the lives of these students, and in the same way that we hope the Community Foundation transforms the region through generosity,” noted Sherry Ristau, president and CEO of the Community Foundation.

The following students received 2018 scholarships.

  • Lilli Ambort, Bettendorf High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship

  • Brynn Bergen, Mercer County High School—Bryant-Holmes Scholarship for Mercer County High School

  • Sydney Branson, Rock Island High School—August and Edna Zahatko Scholarship

  • Grace Carr, Davenport Central High School—Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship

  • Mason Chin, Bettendorf High School—Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship

  • Madison Cousins, Davenport West High School—Verna Kaucher Scholarship

  • Cassidy Dyne, Davenport Central High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship

  • McKenna Eberhart, Clinton High School—Dearrel Bates Memorial Scholarship

  • Sydney Erichsen, Sherrard Junior/Senior High School—Clifford and Louise King Scholarship

  • Grace Estes, Davenport Central High School—Mariah Becker Scholarship; Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship

  • James Flynn, Bettendorf High School—Corky Kress Golf Scholarship

  • Sarah Garland, Calamus Wheatland High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship

  • Justin Harrington, Pleasant Valley High School—Dr. and Mrs. Yang Ho Rhee Scholarship

  • Jurnie Hinde, Iowa State University—Edwin R. Adland and Ruth H. Adland Scholarship

  • Kyle Hoffman, Iowa State University—Mike Condon Memorial Scholarship

  • Alexander Hunt, Davenport West High School—Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship

  • Amber Imming, Moline High School—P.E.O Chapter BL – Blanche Wood Music Award

  • Esmeralda Jinez, Western Illinois University – Quad Cities—Morency Family Scholarship

  • Bibaswan Khadka, Davenport Central High School—Donna Jean Arzberger Memorial Scholarship; Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship

  • Mackenzie Kiefer, Bishop England High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship

  • Sydney Lear, Pleasant Valley High School—Jayne Lee Andreesen Memorial Scholarship

  • Karly Lent, University of Iowa—Morency Family Scholarship

  • Kelsi Massengale, Davenport North High School—Sophia N. Hapke Scholarship

  • McKena Mathews, Moline High School—Morency Family Scholarship; William H. Kleinschmidt Scholarship

  • Katie McCauley, Stark County High School—Diana De Pover-Nesseler Scholarship

  • Kaleb McCoy, Morrison Community High School—Great River Bend Cyclone Scholarship

  • Shannon McNeal, Assumption High School—Morency Family Scholarship

  • Taylor Metz, Eastland High School—Kelly Marie McQuate Memorial Scholarship

  • Katherine Moore, Rock Island High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship; Herman and Sarah Segal Scholarship

  • Janell Nguyen, Assumption High School—Don E. and Charlotte Williams Scholarship; Morency Family Scholarship

  • John Nikolopoulos, Davenport Central High School—Central High School Teacher Scholarship; Gustav A. and Gerda H.C. Anderson Scholarship

  • Ryleigh O’Brien, United Township High School—Gene S. Duke Scholarship; Ligino Family Scholarship

  • Andrea Ochoa-Raya, University of Illinois, Chicago—Elise Brett Scholarship; Quad Cities Mexican American Organization Scholarship

  • Jacob Olson, Rivermont Collegiate—Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship

  • Dev Patel, Camanche High School—John R. Kiley Memorial Scholarship

  • Zamone Perez, Moline High School—Richard J. Collins Memorial Scholarship

  • Kameron Reed, Davenport North High School—Bill and Hilda Macomber and Alta Kahl Scholarship

  • Katherine Sturmer, Davenport North High School—Jane and Clem Werner Scholarship; Verna Kaucher Scholarship

  • Mathew Townsley, Iowa State University—Mike Condon Memorial Scholarship

  • Kylie Wymer, Rock Island High School—Morency Family Scholarship

  • Mei Lin Zheng, United Township High School—Louis F. Bulechek Memorial Scholarship